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Lopville Living

"The result was natural and the perfect shade on me. There was no orange. Friends complimented me and commented on how glowing and healthy I looked. I felt confident and I honestly felt a couple kilos lighter. Tanned fat is way prettier than white fat. It is a fact." Read full review

A Fashion Friend

"I've been to Tamryn from Glow Cape Town a couple of times, and I 100% recommend her. She looks at your natural skin colour and can advise you on just how dark you should go. She came to my flat and gave me a spray tan in the comfort of my own home. It was incredible." Read full review

Tails of a Mermaid

"I am absolutely obsessed with a product called Glow. Tamryn uses a product that looks so natural and beautiful, dries instantly and doesn't smell gross. She is also mobile, so she can come to your own house! If you're like me, having a tan will make you feel at least two kilograms skinnier." Read full review


"The tan was so natural – this is what I looked like back in the day when I actually had a few months of holiday at the end of they year! And no one could see that it was fake – but everyone noticed "something different". Oh and it sommer covers your cellulite too! You basically end up looking like an airbrushed version of yourself, and who doesn't want that?"
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Nikki + Nicholas

" Tamryn heated the room beautifully before my arrival so that I didn't get cold and talked me through the whole process. She even contacted her suppliers before the time and did all the research as to whether or not the spray tan is pregnancy friendly. The outcome was that it *is* pregnancy friendly, but not recommended in the first trimester – a long with pretty much everything else in the world." Read full review

Kiss, Blush & Tell

"Tamryn is so relaxed and flexible which makes the whole experience so comfortable and easy. I can't recommend it enough and know a few of my friends have already cottoned onto it so give her a call to make your booking." Read full review

Trop Damour

"The tan looked so natural. I got so many compliments, especially from some ladies at work who said I looked like I'd been relaxing on a tropical island for the last few days." Read full review

Luxo Blog

"Ladies, let's be honest...we all want to have the perfect summer glow all year around, but this usually costs a fortune and has a terrible effect on our skin in the long run. That is why a spray tan is your new best friend this winter!" Read full review


"So everyone is talking about my sweet tan. This is thanks so a newly-befriended special lady called Tam who just launched her own mobile spray tan and make-up business, Glow Cape Town." Read full review

Cape Town My Love

"Tam says if you look after your tan (i.e. keep you skin moisturised, gentle exfoliation, etc), your tan can last up to 5 or 6 days. For me it's now 4 days in and I'm still looking golden. So I'm very impressed, that's for sure." Read full review

Lipgloss is my life

"I haven't seen the gym in weeks…' but the moment we got our tans on it was a totally different story; the bronze mist instantly made everyone look lean and toned and magically erased any trace of stretch marks and cellulite." Read full review

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